Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where do I download the latest version of iPod linux to be installed from an IBM compatible?

Q. I am looking for the latest version of iPod linux to be installed from an IBM compatible onto an iPod Classic, which according to Wikipedia will run up to iPod Classic, generation 6. Can you provide a link(s) where I can download the installer, preferably one with a grub or multi-boot, so that I can leave the factory installed Apple software as well. I would also interested in links to Linux software which would run on this version of iPod linux.

A. It looks like you are trying to use your iPod as a computer and that's not what it was designed for. I don't know of anybody who has ever done what you are trying to achieve.

Can you change your Linux Software into Windows Vista?
Q. I got a laptop and I am fed up with the Linux software in it! Is there any free programs where I can download my Linux to Vista? Links appreciated! I was just wondering if there any Mac Links too? Thank you

A. You would have to buy windows vista, and then reformat your hard drive and install vista on it.

Is Isilo software compatible with the enTourage Edge E-Reader?
Q. I have an enTourage EBook reader with the Linux with Andriod Google operating system. Do I use the Isilo for Andriod software or the IsiloX for Linux software?

A. Some are. It depends on your version.

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