Wednesday, March 27, 2013

do you need windows OS to run windows OS apps on linux using wine?

Q. im looking to run steam on linux using wine and i dont have do i need windows to run windows apps on linux using wine or do i not?if i dont how can i do that?and if i do is there any other way?i would really be thankfull.

A. no, wine provides the function calls itself, there is no need for a windows installation disk or license.

Here is a link from Ubuntu on setting up steam with wine.

What are the benifets of linux, what are its major differences from windowsXP?
Q. also i am planning on running a hl2 steam server (counter-strike source) any tips for that?

A. Main difference being that Linux is open source and therefore you can do anything you want with it.
I think stability and security are the main practical differences.

Here's some comparisons:

On running a steam server:;18925

How do you get a game to work on Steam?
Q. I am using Linux Ubuntu, and when I open the game Team Fortress 2, it opens, I can hear the sounds and everything, but I can't see the game. All I can see is a black screen.

A. First, get a distro that is more stable than Ubuntu. I play TF2 and most other steam games on Slackware, and they all work great.

Having said that, though, most of the time your problem is either the wine version you are using, or the video drivers. Wine is at 1.5.20, and I'm finding it to be a very stable release. Check your video drivers, see if there is something more current. The current AMD drivers are for the most part stable, not sure about the current nVidia drivers.

If you know how, create a new wine prefix, and try playing TF2 in that.

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