Sunday, March 24, 2013

What are the cons and prons of the following types of computer?

Q. - A Mac OS X with the latest software suite (Snow Leopard i think)
- A PC with the Unix operating system
- A PC with the latest version of the Windows OS (Windows 7)

I really need help with the first two since I have never used them before and a few links/websites would help.

A. Mac - overpriced, inferior hardware, you're locked into Apple hardware, anything other than running files takes knowledge of the Unix shell. There are no advantages.

Unix - you need a knowledge of Unix. No friendly wizards to do it for you. Same as a Mac. (Not surprising, since Mac OSX is FreeBSD, a Unix offshoot.)

Windows - easier to run for 99.99% of computer users. Disadvantage - ease of writing viruses for i, so the average computer user, not knowing how to not download viruses, downloads more of them.

In which industries are using UNIX operating system?
Q. Hi experts!
Please tell me, who are using UNIX operating system in the real world applications.

A. UNIX is on servers, man. Remember Jurassic park? They used UNIX. UNIX is mainly used when you want computing time to go toward something more important than a user interface, like accessing data, like on servers.

How many different families of operating systems exist in unix?
Q. I know that Mac OS, Linux, Open Solaris, and BSD are related to Unix, are there any other operating systems that are based on or related to unix? Please don't not include variants of any of that already mentioned operating systems, such as FreeBSD, Or any Linux-based distros.

Also, is there any other family of operating systems separate from Unix?
I guess what I am looking for is an OS which could be run on a modern computer.

A. PalmOS (hand helds)
Amiga (think they are still making a niche OS)
VMWare - more of a container, but it could be seen as a specialized OS
Brew (used on cell phones)

** Edit **
Not sure why I didn't just go here in the first place but here is a big list of OSs:

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