Saturday, March 23, 2013

How do I setup our proxy server to require a password before users can connect to it to access the internet?

Q. I am using Fedora Core 4 proxy server.


A. I'm assuming Fedora is using Squid as the proxy server. Here's a link to information on authentication and squid.

What software should I use on a home server?
Q. I am building a home server that I want to attempt to use as a router and for extra accessable storage from my desktops. I don't know what version of linux or unix would be the best. I am kind of new to linux, but I have played around with it for awhile now.

A. redhat fedora its free and easy to learn

How to install linux fedora on a i586 system?
Q. How do I install linux fedora onto an i586 system? I tried the installation guide page, and the live cd mode is not compatible....and to do a classical install for this kernel, but my question is: WHAT is a classical install? Thanks!

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A. Don't use the live CD method. Burn the cd set from one of the spins or use the network cd method.
You will need to find a server with the distribution tree for the release you chose.

Try the fedora forums for help first.

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