Sunday, March 24, 2013

If you were to boot a machine on a usb flash drive linux?

Q. If you were to boot a machine on a usb flash drive linux,
will your machine be safe?
will the linux be sanboxed in?
or can viruses get onto your machine?

A. Since Linux can write to an NTFS partition, if you saved downloads you did in Linux to your Windows partition, it would be the same as using Windows to do it. How the files get there doesn't matter. If you turned the drive off and the flash drive was the only drive in the computer, all you could ruin was the Linux installation on the flash drive. (That's why Freesco is virus-proof - as long as you have a back-up floppy. If one gets hacked or virused, just boot with the other one and make the bad one a backup of the good one.)

How do I install Linux mint debian xfce or linux mint debian gnome?
Q. I am wondering how do you install Linux mint Debian on a USB stick from Linux mint 11 lxde or lubuntu 11.10. I tried the start up disk creator but nothing came up and it only recognized my USB drive how to i install the Debian edition of Linux mint off of Linux mint lxde or lubuntu if the start up disk creator wont recognize the image I downloaded.

A. you need to be running on either a Live CD or a Live USB to install an OS.
I use a USB because it is quick and simple, and I like to recycle.
I believe there are other tools but I use unetbootin to configure the USB stick
unetbootin can be installed from the Software Manager
information on unetbootin here>

What is a good keyboard mouse combo device?
Q. looking for a keyboard that functions as a mouse and board with only one usb input.

linux compatible good quality?

anyone have any good expediences with such hardware?

A. Logitech has good products,I think the latest Keyboard/Mouse uses one wireless USB connection that also will control up to six devices.

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