Saturday, March 23, 2013

What is the name of a Windows server Based Rapid Deployment software that can deploy windows and Linux?

Q. I need to be able to (off of a windows server 2003, 2008 machine) rapidly deploy the OS to either Windows server 2003, 2008, or Red Hat Linux Enterprise edition to multiple machines.
Can you please advise what software to use that is able to perform this function, and either be freeware, or is only licensed for the software, NOT the imaged machines.

A. I don't understand your question very well..but if I got it right you must boot your server from windows installation DVD and make a dual-boot(install a second os on a different location on the hard disk - not C:\Windows - because you have 2003 there already there.)Same for Linux.And if I understand it on the other way you weant to have 3 os booted up in the same time.i don't think that's possible but try Windows HPC Server 2008.

Can you use the same code and commands that you use to set up Red Hat Fedora server to set up Ubuntu server?
Q. I have Ubuntu 7.04 server running on an older comp. i have and im trying to teach myself how to get a web server running. I've got a lot of info off of the web, but i also came across the Red Hat Fedora and Enterprise Linux Bible 4 . I wanted to know if i could use that to work on my Ubuntu 7.04 server?

A. RedHat uses RPM for packaging. Ubuntu uses deb. The package managers and their commands are different. No doubt there are differences in config files (names, locations, etc.)

So, to answer your question - nope!

How can i get 'RED HAT' LINUX for free? Can i get a cd for free by post?or should i download it from the net?
Q. Can i get a CD containing 'RED HAT' LINUX by post, free of any charge as it is an open source software?? Or should i download it from the internet? Please give the details........ ( i want the red hat version of linux itself)
can you give me the links...., so that i can get them?

A. You seem to know the name RedHat but not enough about it to not ask this question. To the person who said that RedHat no longer exists and then turned around and said it is RedHat Enterprise, doesn't that sound a little silly? To answer the question you asked, YES AND NO. No you cannot get RedHat for free, it went commercial quite awhile ago. However they continued on with the home-user version renaming it Fedora to distinguish it from the commercial version. And what exactly do you mean " of any charge as it is an open source software??" Where did you get the idea that open-source is synonymous with free? I bet you've heard about the free software movement and think all open-source software is free. The GPL ( ) states that a program with this license is copy-lefted. This means it is free to redistribute and change the software as you see fit, even to sell it (yes, sell someone else's program for your own profit as long as you leave the license intact and allow the people that buy or receive the software from you to do the exact same thing. I hope that this clarifies things a little for you. I didn't mean to sound so harsh, it was not my intention.

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