Saturday, March 23, 2013

Vector linux faster than windows 2000 or 95?

Q. Just how fast is vector? Will it run quickly on a computer with 450 megahertz 120 mb of ram and a 10 gig hdd. It is currently running 2000 and takes 10 minutes to fully load. And will I have problems installing? Is dial up internet possible with vector linux. Thanks for any answers!

A. i THINK vector will run on that but i'm not guaranteeing it. IF it runs, you will need a large swap partition (minimum 1G) and i'm not sure if dial up is possible anymore. it's getting harder and harder to find linux distros with dialup anymore and vector ain't one of the mainstream ones so odds are no. (but with linux, where there's a will, there's a way... with lots of help from google)

Can I set up my system as a dual-boot with Vector Linux and Windows 98?
Q. I have a computer running Win 98, and would like to run Vector Linux. Can I set it up as a dual-boot system safely?

A. Yes but you will need a boot loader like boot magic. You can download freeware and shareware at You can also try to use the same process that Redhat linux suggests. here is their link

How to install Vector Linux ?
Q. I downloaded vector Linux from the website. After opening it with WinRar I could not find the installer. i have made a separate partition. How do I install the OS ?

A. Is it an .iso? If so you have to burn it to a disk CD or DVD! Burn as an image! Then boot from that!

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