Monday, March 25, 2013

How to get diner dash to play linux?

Q. Have linux on my computer i want to play diner dash... i have tried wine and all that crap currently wine wont open anything so i am very unhappy. i have also tried virtual box i am on linux 10.4 and stupid virtual box will not install windows it gets half way and stops.

A. Try the program PlayOnLinux. if that does not work than I believe you are out of luck. Dont leave Linux though. Because are gaming base with double within the next 3 month. Valve is currently working on steam for linux. This will give us a big library of games.

How do I run Steam games on Linux?
Q. I got Steam to work on Linux using Wine. All my games worked just fine for a while, but all of the sudden none of them will run (except Portal for some reason). When i try to open them it says, "Preparing to launch," then does nothing. Does anyone know what the problem is, or how to fix it?

A. You could use a program like WINE (Windows Emulator) to get it going. Or you can try a virtual machine but sometimes that wont load drivers and you still wont be able to play. The best option will be a dual boot of windows and linux. The reason being, that for the sake of stability, for the drivers to work, and for you to get a good performance it is just easier to play on Windows (since all PC games are generally designed for Windows environments).

How do i use a graphical file manager so i can use steam on "Linux"?
Q. So i wan to use steam on my school macbook that i can bring home. But to use programs like steam i have to use linux (works for minecraft). The only way I can use steam on linux is to open it with a graphical file manager (i downloaded muCommander). I don't know how to use one because i don't use linux. I'd love some help.

A. I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Steam can be installed to Windows or Mac.

File managers can be used for any operating system if one is written for it.

If you are using it on a Linux machine, it seems that they have it in limited beta. You may not be able to participate in this beta version.

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