Saturday, March 23, 2013

How do you get a game to work on Steam?

Q. I am using Linux Ubuntu, and when I open the game Team Fortress 2, it opens, I can hear the sounds and everything, but I can't see the game. All I can see is a black screen.

A. First, get a distro that is more stable than Ubuntu. I play TF2 and most other steam games on Slackware, and they all work great.

Having said that, though, most of the time your problem is either the wine version you are using, or the video drivers. Wine is at 1.5.20, and I'm finding it to be a very stable release. Check your video drivers, see if there is something more current. The current AMD drivers are for the most part stable, not sure about the current nVidia drivers.

If you know how, create a new wine prefix, and try playing TF2 in that.

What are the benifets of linux, what are its major differences from windowsXP?
Q. also i am planning on running a hl2 steam server (counter-strike source) any tips for that?

A. Main difference being that Linux is open source and therefore you can do anything you want with it.
I think stability and security are the main practical differences.

Here's some comparisons:

On running a steam server:;18925

How can I live stream an event with reliable delivery?
Q. The institution that I work in needs to allow its viewers to view an live event and I guess video streaming is the solution we are looking for. I have exposure to Windows but not much at linux. Is there any reliable way of video streaming using Windows and any tutorials on how to stream a video would be appreciated.

PS: I tried VLC but doesn't look like the solution we are looking for, some thing advance would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance!

A. Yes, infact I believe that Microsoft Windows has one of the best solutions for video streaming. It is called IIS Smooth Streaming and IIS Live Smooth Streaming and as I see you are broadcasting a live event, probably an input from a DV Camera.

If you have a Windows Vista / 7 PC and Microsoft Expression Encoder all you need to do is to download a web player (Silverlight) and doing some tweaks here and there and you will end up with a video streaming solution that is comparable with the industry. Expression Encoder Pro is available free of charge without the H264 codec and could be obtained from their site (doesn't show up easy) other wise its just below 200$ in price and is worth it.

I wrote an article on IIS Live Smooth Streaming, on my industrial training experience and hope it will be helpful to you:

The article contains a video tutorial on how to do it. I use the same computer as the encoder, server and end user. You could use appropriate IPs and do it in a multiple computer environment.

If you need any more assistance, drop an e mail to my profile at FB:

Good luck!

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