Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is it possible to download Linux with a CD?

Q. I have an extremely old Windows laptop that can't go on the internet (it's modem doesn't work). I want to download Linux on it in order to see how the operating system works.

Is it possible to upload Linux to a CD and download it that way? If so, can someone tell me how?

A. Download an ISO image distribution and install it on a CD. Many distributions come with a live CD package that allows you to run the Linux OS from the CD drive without messing with your Windows installation. You might want to try an older version of Linux if the notebook is not up to speed. SimplyMEPIS ( is a good combination of software that includes apps OpenOffice and stuff. I would download one of the older distributions like 7.0 or 6.5 for an older PC.

Can I download Linux on My PS3 with an external hard drive?
Q. I want to download linux but i hear you need a flash drive and have to partition your internal drive. All i have is a 500gig external drive and 40gig internal. Can I make it work? I really dont want to spend more money on a flash drive if this can be done.

A. You can only run Linux on the internal hard drive. The PS3 can't boot Linux from an external device.

I'm sure you can save the Linux files onto the external hard drive and install them from there to the internal hard drive. You'll need to create a partition on the internal hard drive. I think its 10-12 GB.

Where is the offical site to download linux?
Q. How do I know which is the best place to download Linux? How do I know that the site I download form is a offical site of Linux?

A. There is no "official" linux.

There are many different distributions or 'flavors' of linux. some are easier to learn than others. some are on CD some on 2 or more.

When I was interested in Linux I went to

That site has downloads for 15 or 20 distributions of linux and links you to the official download site for that particular distro. I would recommend going there first.

Before you download and install any distribution make sure that all your hardware and software is compatible and download ALL the necessary drivers before you make the big switch to linux or you will be in a world of hurt trying to find these drivers after the face, especially if the driver you are looking for is for your video, keyboard, or internet.

Linux can be good to learn and has advantages over windows XP and possibly over Vista as well such as security, lack of viruses, and stability.

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