Saturday, March 23, 2013

Do you think that UNIX is done with now that Oracle bought Sun and Free BSD is no longer popular?

Q. It seems that ubuntu red hat and novell suse has won out for best linuxes.
Is the unix evolution finally over in favor of advanced linux platforms.

A. Not necessarily. I do think Solaris is a goner, but there are still a few big ones out there. The biggest advantage of proprietary OSs is that they often sell turnkey solutions with corporate tech support. This is hard for Linux to compete with. This model is still very popular with large companies that require 100% uptime, or at least as close as they can get. Red Hat does offer support, but I know guys who work with them and say the level of support they offer isn't really up to the Enterprise level, at least not when compared with HP, IBM and other companies that are from the big iron days.

Can someone help me find a good 3rd party message board service for my website?
Q. I could create one but don't have the time. Looking for a really good inexpensive or free 3rd party service that offers embedded message boards.

A. You can use wordpress /joomla /drupal and the like.
Turnkey linux has a collection of installers which you can experiment on a virtual machine

what is the best program for netcafe control?
Q. I want a program that works via network (optional) and that is based on a username & password system and that ends your session after the allocated time period specified. I want it to have 2 or more types of accounts, one for games and one for internet, each with its own fee.

A. Here's a great article on turnkey Linux net cafe distributions:

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