Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How do I configure internet to work with linux?

Q. I recently installed Red Hat Linux and I discovered that the internet doesn't work (even though I have mozilla and co.). I was told that it might need a configuration, how am I supposed to do that?

A. We need a lot more info in order to help you.
How do you want to connect to the internet: dialup, wired ethernet, wireless?
Which card do you have for connecting to the internet; brand and model?
Which version of red hat?
Have you checked all the menu items looking for an entry that would enable internet connection?
Good luck

Does MCA fresher with linux certification start out as technical support?
Q. I am doing MCA and plan to complete Red Hat Linux certification (RHCE) and CCNA. After completing my MCA will I have to start out as technical support engineer/service engineer/desktop engineer? Isn't there a chance that I will languish in these roles as these aren't high profile roles.

A. Certs are great, but experience is what really impresses an interviewer. If you have very little or no work experience, you are likely to start out in some sort of support role.

This actually makes sense for the employer. Why would they let you make design decisions before you've proven yourself? It's especially important to them, considering you aren't familiar with their network.

Don't worry about it, though. If you're eager to learn and willing to take on responsibility, you will be noticed. Bosses do pay attention to who does what, although they also have to balance the personality of their team members. If the new young hot-shot gets promoted within a week of joining the company, or is hired into a very cherry position, it could easily anger the rest of the team that has been there for years. For that reason, sometimes the new hire is forced to spend some time in a more junior role. This lets the team see what he's capable of.

Best institute for Red Hat Linux training in Delhi?
Q. Best institute for Red Hat Linux training in South Delhi?
Please give me few selected names which are the best one in training. I have list of Linux training institute in Delhi.

A. Netlabs ITS is the best.
There are learned teachers that makes this institution best among others.

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