Saturday, March 23, 2013

What free linux is the closest to windows?

Q. What linux works the closest to Windows and is also free?

A. I recommend Linux Mint 6 (Main Edition) which you will find familiar and it works pretty much 'out of the box'.

Linux Mint 6 Release notes
Linux Mint 6 Download

You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint 6 then you need to create a Bootable CD from the ISO. This can easily be done using Nero Burning ROM or similar software. Linux Mint 6 can be run straight from the LiveCD you have created without touching your Hard Drive.

If you find you like Linux Mint 6

Linux Mint 6 installation tutorial

Screenshot of my custom LiveDVD of Mint 6 running Beryl 0.2.1


What Linux app will allow you to view a webcam from a windows user?
Q. Me and my boyfriend are trying to see my cam. He has Linux though and I run on through Windows. What can he download to be able to see my camera?

A. I would suggest doing a little bit of research on the model of web cam, as you can usually find some step by step tutorials for how to use the camera in Linux.

For example, I have an old Linksys camera and I can use VLC to use it, as well as a few other commands which I found when I searched for the name of the camera and the type of Linux I was using.

How to remove "linux mint" from my Win7 GRUB screen?
Q. I recently ran linux mint form a usb drive, but I decided that I don't like it. Ever since, as soon as I power on my computer, I have to choose to boot into Windows 7 or Linux mint. Some tutorials I saw required a repair disk to boot into command prompt, which I don't have. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

A. What you need to do is rebuild the BCD Store.
That is where that message is coming from.
It is sort of the new and improved bootloader starting
That can be a complex process, so lets go at this the
way you already were.

EVERY Win7 system will allow you you to make a "Win7 Repair Disk".
Note it is only for repairs, very important ones, (but somewhat small repairs.)

Please see the following MS link about getting this VERY helpful disk
(while the computer is working...)
See below if link breaks.

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