Wednesday, March 27, 2013

How can I safe a javascript generated page to an html file from a linux command line?

Q. Hi,
I have a javascript/ajax page that I'd like to save as the generated html to a file. URL

Is there a way to do that? I haven't found any firefox command-line like that.
safe?? save! ;)
sorry, I want to run this in a cron... so I can't click ;)

A. from FF & a cron, no way.

there might be some lynx variant or other 'get' tool that does JavaScript.

you could capture the data that the ajax gets, and save that to a file... but not the graph.

is it your site? a little cgi program instead would be able to capture the graph.

I could do it in Safari on a mac with applescript!

how do you access a remote computer from the linux command line?
Q. i know the sshusername@computername part, but how do i get to the point where i type that in the command line?

A. Take a look at the "ssh" command (manual page linked below from Duke University)

What is the windows equivalent of the Linux terminal's CTRL + D?
Q. I wrote and compiled a c program, and in the Linux command line, it allows me to enter text, then press CTRL + D to enter the next step of the program, if thats what you wanna call it. Ive recompiled the source for windows, and i notice that CTRL + D just types ^D... what key combo should I be using?

A. If the program is looking for end-of-file, use ctrl-Z.

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