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How to: Schedule my PC to shutdown at a certain time?

Q. Hey!
I just wanted to know how I could make like some sort of task where I could make my PC shutdown/hibernate at a certain hour. However I want it to do this only on certain days of the week. I hope you guys could help me and I'm even willing to install a program to make this possible!

Thanks in advance!

A. Use the "scheduled tasks" item in yoru control panel (Windows - assumed)
Basically, at the command line you would have
> at ( time)
> shutdown / (flags /t = time in seconds, mandatory.. other flags, see /?)

so to FORCE a shutdown and a RESTART (just for demo) in 90 seconds
one time, I would do - > shutdown /f /r /t 90

To schedule it for later on, ( /yes - force close if needed)
> AT 2200 /yes /every:Mon,Tue,Wed "shutdown /f /r /t 90"
... or something similar.. I haven't used this in a while, so it may need a tweak with spaces or flags.

It is probably easier - you just check the boxes(for days), fill in the time, and give the command in using the TASK SCHEDULER.

If you are using Mac or Linux (Mac since OSX is BSD Linux underneath).. the similar command would be setting a CRON job ( CRON is closest to AT)

In linux how do I set a time for my computer to shut down?
Q. Is there a way I can leave my computer on to download something but have it set so that it stops the download and shuts down at a certain time?
I'm using dream linux.

A. you can use the command "shutdown -P time". With this command, the computer will shutdown after the given time in minutes. For ex: "Shutdown -P 30" will turn off the computer after 30 minutes

Other possibilities are to use "at" or "cron",
"at" will automatically perform a given command at the given time only once (remember that: only once).
"cron" will repetitively perform the given command at every given time (for ex: every hour, every day or every month, etc...
For explication of "at" and "cron": you can see this page:

In your situation, Using "shutdown" is the best because your task isn't repetitive and "shutdown" is much more easier to use than "at" or "cron".

Can I delete a file I want to delete using Puppy Linux LIVE CD ?
Q. I've got vista installed and 3 files that are virus like and are hidden. I can see them when i boot my pc from live cd puppy linux When i double clicked those files and chose delete>quite they were gone. However when I tried to shutdown my pc it asked if i want to save it, i chose i dont because i used live cd , when i run vista again I saw those files i deleted are there again !

Any help?

A. Yes, you can, you need to clean the Trash before to reboot your machine. You can to delete files using the Terminal (or Console) too, with command line, enter in the windows vista installed disk with the Terminal and tip the full path to files you want to delete. But atention, take care with this, it is not possible to recover the files once deleted.

The comand line is:

rm -rf /path to virus file

If you have a doubt, send me a private message, ok?

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