Monday, March 25, 2013

What are the benefits of using Google Chrome and what are the benefits of using Internet Explorer 9?

Q. My friend told me to switch over to Google Chrome, which i did. I am a Internet Explorer user and I upgraded Internet Explorer to version 9 and it seems like its the same as Google Chrome. What would be the benefits of the two?
Well internet explorer 9 too shows most visited web sites and is insanely fast lol. I guess one point would be security since internet explorer is a widely used browser.

A. Firefox 4 is even faster than IE and Chrome, over 9 million downloads in two days and it's available for Windows XP, which IE 9 isn't.

Chrome and IE isn't nearly as customizable as Firefox, Firefox has tens of thousands of add-ons, persona, themes etc.

Another great thing is it's available for Windows, OS X and Linux, one can auto-sync so all versions of Firefox are the same across different hardware. :)

Also with Firefox you don't have to worry if Microsoft, Apple or Google is spying on you, the code is open for people to see. (and improve on)

And Firefox with add-on's runs extremely fast on single core computers with 2.3 GHz and a mere 512K of RAM under Linux, so the "memory" issues is because of Windows bloat, PC vendor installed junk and anti-malware, not Firefox.

I use Windows in VM all the time, it always needs more memory than anything else I run. Nearly 2GB, that's with the eye candy turned way down. Just about all new Windows PC's today need their RAM bumped up right from the gate, especially after updating.

How secure is Google Chrome compared to say Mozilla Firefox?
Q. Google Chrome claims to be faster but is it secure?

A. A very high profile, annual hacking contest named Pwn2Own, where they offered $10,000 (yes, ten grand) to anybody that could successfully hack into browsers and OS's (Linux, Windows, and OS X). The first day was a contest to hack into Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome... they ALL got hacked within minutes, except for Chrome. Chrome as of today, has never been hacked! Check out the article below, or do a web search on Pwn2Own.

How to get steam to work on my google chrome book?
Q. Will steam work on my google chrome book? And if so how do I get it to work?

A. You might have to dual boot your Chromebook with Ubuntu then download steam for Linux, not 100% sure if it'll work.

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