Saturday, March 23, 2013

What's the cheapest intel processor/motherboard you would suggest for a linux MMC?

Q. I am planning the parts I need to build a media server to store my music and movies. I am budgeting right now, and would prefer to spend as much money as I can on storage space and a high end video card and audio card. Am I wrong in assuming this doesn't need the high end 8 core whatever most expensive processor out there?

Unless someone has a compelling reason to go with AMD, I am looking at intels.

A. Go to they have mainboard/CPU combos take your pick.

I want to make a media server for my home. What is the best open source app? How would I go about doing this?
Q. I was thinking this would be a good way to learn Linux. What would be the best approach for this?

A. Do you just want to store files or do you want to play them on your TV?

File server for streaming media:

DVR or Set-top-box type:

How do I set up a central media library for my home?
Q. How do I set up a central media library from which I can access iTunes, DVR hard drive and the Internet from any TV in my house?

1-Access iTunes from anywhere, wirelessly (all our music in on a separate driveânot NAS though)
2-Access the Internet from any of my TVâs with a mainstream browser
3-Need to have DVR capabilities, ideally centralized and accessible from all TVs
4-Wirelessly project sound to multiple speakers

I have looked into Apple TV and Sonos, but neither fill all these criteria. I am open to multiple devices, or custom configuration of dedicated PCs to do this.

I appreciate your suggestions.

A. The companies listed below are a few of the leading producers and developers which offer a variety of products and software for media center/server applications that may meet your needs. I apologize that I am unable to provide you with information that specifically addresses your needs but hopefully you'll find a solution using the resources listed below.

Niveus Media


NuVo Technologies

Superna Media Server

Cortexa Technology

Exceptional Innovation

TwonkyVision MediaServer

Allegro Media Server - UPnP Media Server


Embedded Automation
Embedded Automation's analysis of the Windows Home Server* beta

Crestron Electronics

Audio Design Associates


Niles Audio - IntelliControl ICS

Audioaccess (Harman International Industries)



Savant Systems
Linux-based, open architecture, home control and automation systems.

Linux Home Automation

Microsoft Windows Media
Windows Media Connect

*Microsoft Windows Home Server

Windows Media Center and Media Center Extender
Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005
Windows Vista Help - Using Windows Media Center

HP Digital Entertainment Centers (DECs)
HP MediaSmart Server

Nec Projector Review

Plastic Shed Reviews

Ati Graphic Reviews

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Cabochons Reviews

Inflatable Water Slides Reviews

Barcode Scanner Reviews

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