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What is the best linux distro for a Dell Optiplex GX1?

Q. I have a Dell Optiplex GX1 Intel Celeron 1.39 GHz (256MB RAM). I need a linux distro that meets its requirements and that is reliable and fast.

Thanks Ã

A. Hi

please read the question
"(256MB RAM)"
I don't think that "Fedora is good Linux distro since it is fast and quick. Ubuntu is another good one" would run on that spec

look at puppy linux as a frugal or a full install.
Go to the puppy forum and do a search or ask about low ram PC.

Ubuntu is another good one "

Whats is the best linux distro for a win98?
Q. Whats is the best linux distro for a win98? I know about Xubuntu, Fluxbuntu, DSL, Puppy linux but what is the most efficient distro for an old win 98 that will run at a good speed with lots of useful programs installed?

A. older distros if you could find them mandrake 9.0 older ubuntus, and stuff like that if your box wont support modern distros
as far as live cds I love old knoppix 3.3

How do I modify a Linux distro so it can run from a jumpdrive?
Q. I would like to know how one can turn a linux distro image into a bootable jumpdrive version. Any help at all, even if just a link, is appreciated.

A. What kind of a computer system do you have? Assuming it is Windows based, take a look at: ...a forum is available at:

This is a distribution that has a built in wizard to make a LiveUSB version for you from the LiveCD. It also has a persistent mode so that packages you add and changes you make are preserved from session-to-session. Additionally, it has the ability to remaster it's self while running LIVE, if you have sufficient RAM {768mb up}. This means that you can add specific packages you need and create your custom version without having to install it to the HD first. The remastering is done by using the built in wizard.

MCNLive is based on Mandriva 2007 'Spring' which is based on Red Hat/Fedora. It is pre-configured to a large repository of compatible application packages, and you can add additional repositories from other compatible sources.

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