Saturday, March 23, 2013

I need an easy to follow, step by step guide to get linux installed with my flash drive?

Q. I have an eee pc, so no cd drive. However, I have a computer with a cd drive, and I have a cd that will install linux. I need to know how to get the installation on my flash drive so I can get linux on my eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pc.

Halp meh! I needz me some ubuntu!

By the way I want to completely get ridda windows.

A. This works well

Sorry you want a guide, it's easy

Download whichever Ubuntu release you want.
Download Pendrive Linux
Tell it which version you have and the drive letter for the USB, you may want to allow it to format the usb first.

It does it's work pretty quickly.

If you want to make changes to the Ubuntu OS that are saved make sure you tell it to make it Preserve then select whichever size according to your usb

How do you clear a pendrive COMPLETELY of viruses?
Q. Whatever I do , how much ever I format my 8 GB transcend pendrive, when I plug it in my PC, it says malware/spyware/ some unwanted thing detected.
How to get rid of viruses for good?

Also is it possible for electronic media like DVD players, guitar processors, musical keyboards to get VIRUS INFECTED if they are connected to infected computers?

A. Don't format ur pendrive with windows format. Instead use "HP USB Disk Format tool". Else delete unnecessary files on linux. MUST- use a FIREWALL(Windows Firewall is a Trash anyway) and a good antivirus.

How do you boot linux from a flash drive?
Q. I am looking for the best linux os distro that could boot straight from my flash drive.

Something like knoppix but for flash.

Another question, with that, can you access the hard drive and store information? Like to fix a windows machine?

A. You can run this of CD, USB, and even in RAM

To intall to USB drive:
First, boot up your computer from the DSL livecd, frugal, or USB-frugal. Note that it is not possible to do a USB install, or any other kind of install from a DSL Embedded system.

In the Fluxbox menu, go Apps >> Tools >> Install to USB Pendrive and choose either USB-ZIP emulation or USB-HDD emulation, depending on what is supported by your computer's bios.

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