Monday, March 25, 2013

Does anyone know of a website with Linux tutorials?

Q. I'm looking for a website with simple tutorials for Xandros Linux. I've been looking around, but the only ones I've found are for Ubuntu.

I probably will change to Ubuntu or similar soon-ish, but in the meantime, I'd just like a webpage with simple instructions for simple tasks, like customizing my computer/ installing programs.


A. Here is a link to a few xandros tutorials. There are no manu around because xandros offers a fee for support service and tries to steer people to that. Many of the xandros tutorials here are for the eee pc which is a specialized "frugal" install to fit the eee pc. As you can see there are also tutorial for ubuntu on the right and many other distros.
Ubuntu has many more tutorials available.
have fun

Are there any good Linux tutorials on the Internet for beginners?
Q. I know there are a lot of different distributions, but is there a good beginners tutorial that teaches the basics of installing, configuring, and using Linux? Also a site that maybe goes into advanced topics after you have mastered the basics. Thanks for the help!

A. I am biased here but if you are going to install Linux I would suggest Suse 10 or Suse 10.1, it is very easy to install, you can accept the defaults without any problems, just follow the onscreen instructions, just boot from CD 1.
here is a web site that has info for suse 10

or you could look at the Novel site for download and info also you can ask them anything you need to know.

Here are some other linux sites.
this one looks quite good.

If you want any more info email me.

I need an expect script to telnet into a linux server that is menu driven. What are the proper commands?
Q. I want to ssh into multiple machines and choose option 1 from the menu driven linux interface.

A. That question makes absolutely no sense.
All linux distributions have ssh built -in, you can ssh from your command line or use a client like PuTTY.
If you are wondering how to manage multiple ssh sessions, check out screen here .
If this does not answer your question please elaborate more as to what exactly you wish to accomplish.

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