Wednesday, March 27, 2013

What Linux games will work with Kubuntu 9.04?

Q. It didn't come with games and i am wondering what Linux games it will play, if any at all.

A. I believe one of the packages available is called "kde-games". Look for it. I enjoy the ace of penguins suite which mirrors the OLDE Windows 3.1 games -- taipei, freecell solitaire Merlin exccept the face cards all have penguins on them. I was playing canfield when I saw your question. Also of course, you'll have to look around but there are deb packages for quake quake2 and quake3 arena (maybe even quake 4) which games were originally written on a *nix network.

Is it possible to download Linux games on a Windows system to play on a different, Linux system, later?
Q. My Linux box doesn't have a connection to the internet and my Windows system does. I planned to download a Linux program from my Windows system to use on my Linux box.

A. Harry is right. Save it onto a floppy with vfat or a CD with a Joliet file system and you will have no problems. I had to deal with a corrupted Quake 1 disk the other day and I was told that it was looking for Joliet. Windows closes files with a control-z while *nix uses control-d but you will find that the OS does that conversion for you and you shouldn't have to worry about it unless the Linux install is badly botched on the target system.

How do i turn an ISO into a disk that will boot on CPU start up/ Should I use linux????
Q. Ok i have two questions so far, This will help end the struggle you guys and girls have been helping me with thus far. I got an ISO of WIN XP Home. I have 2 cd keys from old CPU's. I know itll work cuz i just tryed it on my wifes. My first question is how the hell to i make this ISO into a actual DVD? So that when i restart i can choose to boot from the ISO (dvd) and reinstall WIN XP.

Now for Linux, Two games that consume my life are BattleFeild And Fable. I need a Music program and I use wireless internet. I have been told that Linux is free. Its just a Pain to install. However, Vista was a pain to install and its a pain to use. So i guess my question is Will i be able to run these games on a linux system? If so which one? And how many people actually (not just saying it without experiance) recomend Linux system?

A. Ok, I can answer your first question, but not the second. First, you need an ISO handling program (personally I prefer PowerISO, although there are others) that is capable of burning CD's/DVD's. Then, it is simply a matter of going into that programs tools menu, and clicking on "Burn image to CD/DVD" or something like that. All you have to do then is to find the ISO file and select it. You then need to insert it inot your PRIMARY CD/DVD drive, and make sure that your BIOS is set to boot from CD before the hard drive.

Hope that helps.

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