Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How do I save Java on my remastered puppy linux live cd?

Q. I know how to down load Java and install on puppy linux 5.2 but how to you save it on the live cd so I don't have to download every time I restart.

A. Download the java.pet to the applications folder from the quickpet or where ever you download yours from. But don't install. After the download is complete remaster the live-cd.

Java will be waiting for you when ever you boot your live-cd. All you'll have to do is open the folder, click the pet and install. This is the only way to avoid re-downloading each time.

How does one run puppy linux in such a manner?
Q. I would like to keep a distro of puppy linux on a flash drive and I would like to keep all the downloads, applications, system files, boot sectors, etc. on the same flash drive so that it serves as a hard drive in a way.
Is there any way for me to do that?

A. Yes, it is a while since I ran puppy but when you first shut it down it should ask you where you want to create a file and if you select your flash drive thats where they will be

I think what i did is install all the software I wanted and the did a 'full install' to a USB stick. This option is available in puppy somewhere

Puppy is very quick and great for recovering PCs and for browsing
I eventually moved to slitaz because puppy used to hang my router on shutdown and I get fed-up power-cycling the router

Hopefully some-one has done this more recently than me and has better recall - but I know it can be done pretty easily


i need help for installing puppy Linux in my computer?
Q. I have downloaded puppy Linux iso file and then I have made my USB bootable with it. I stuck it in usb port I booted it and It says searching for puppy files in computer drive and then error comes.

A. Something must have happened when you created your USB bootable. Create it again following instructions from these links


Make sure you do a frugal install and not a full install. The frugal install is a better option.

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