Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Can you open a linux file using windows?

Q. I need to open a linux file using windows.
I don't have linux installed anywhere on this system.
Is it possible to open a linux file using windows? If so, how and what?

A. Yes, you can open Linux files on Windows. Whether or not you have the necessary program/emulator installed which can read/interpret/run that file is another matter, and depends on what specific type of file you're talking about.

How can I get Simply Accounting to work on a Samba enabled Linux file server?
Q. Simply Accounting states that for multi-user mode, all machines that use the Simply (client and server) must be using the same operating system. How can I use Windows workstations that run the Simply client with a Samba enabled Linux file server that houses the Simply database?

A. You can't. You need the same platform accross the network

What is the difference between "./" and "../" regarding LINUX file structure?
Q. Can you suggest a good material(s) (an e-book for an example) to learn and understand about the Linux file and directory structure??

A. ./ is your current directory. So if your running a program from the current directory you type ./<program>
../ is the previous directory. This is to back out of the current directory.

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