Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to have linux VPS keep running java server?

Q. I have the server an all working.
Minecraft server actually.
But I noticed the server will stop when I close my putty the server will server aswell.
How do I get it to constantly run? Even if my computer is off or not

A. one way would be to use nohup. just start your program with something like:
nohup ./yourprogram
that will keep the program alive, even when you log out. but this will not work with programs that take input from the console.
another way is to use a screen session (if screen is installed). with the command "screen" you start a shell session in which you can then start programs. if you press ctrl+a, ctrl+d (in that order), the session gets detached and will continue after you log out. after logging in, you can resume the session with "screen -r sessionname".
for more informations, try "man screen" or "man nohup".

How to become a system administrator?
Q. I had trouble with my computer so i called up my mothers friend- a system administrator. After 30 min. on the phone he fixed the problem with a bunch of commands and stuff. Im pretty good with computers myself( im running linux ) but his knowledge was just much much much much much more superior then mine. Does anyone know any books,or programs of stuff that will help me become like syst admin?

A. build up a list of contacts who can help you. i'm currently working on a linux VPS and like you i havent got many contacts. If you want we can add each other?
also use google - using that i managed to get my VPS from nothing to a web server (just need to finish on DNS but every time i get an error) and i'm certain google will answer my questions

good luck!

How do you purchase Windows Server Licenses?
Q. I wish to purchase a VPS server and I wish to use Windows Server on it. I will probably buy 3-4 VPS for different projects. The servers will be with no OS. How do I obtain a license for the windows server and how much is it?

Thank you!

A. on a vps why would you want to buy windows ?

windows server is only valid for that one virtual machine and as you can see by the price here


is it really worth it ?

i suggest you use an enterprise linux or server linux,
centos and fedora are both free

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