Thursday, April 4, 2013

where do i download a program that allows my Linux xo to view flash?

Q. i just got a linux xo from my friend, and i can't watch anything or do anything that involves flash....

anybody know where i can download anything to make it all better?

A. Depending on your distribution you can install flash from the repositories. You can also go to adobe for a version of flash compatible with your distribution.
if your running Ubuntu or a Debian based distro
Redhat based distros

On x86 versions of Linux

Compiling an Opensource Flash Player

Where can i download the Ubuntu source code for windows?
Q. I would like to download the ubuntu source code for modifying on Windows Vista.
and if i make a lot of modifications could i distribute it with credit to Canonical?

A. Source code is nothing more than text, you can download it to any operating system you want including your mobile phone os.

The problems your going to have however are multiple.

1. Your understanding of what a linux distribution is seems to be confused a bit. Ubuntu is not an application but a collection of applications. It's a distribution of linux which means that ubuntu packages together a bunch of other open source packages/applications and creates the ubuntu distribution. This includes the linux kernel which is used with all linux distributions from redhat to android. Sometimes the kernel is slightly modified but usually not.
Take the gui for instance. Ubuntu's default gui/desktop implementation is gnome. Gnome itself is composed of a bunch of other applications/packages. You don't have to use gnome however you could install KDE or XFCE or LXDE. Don't get me wrong there is source code for ubuntu but it mostly consists of an installer and possibly some modifications to other packages.
I am not sure that what you really want to do is edit the ubuntu source code. What you probably want to do is add applications/packages to the ubuntu distribution.

2. You can't compile code for a linux distribution on a windows machine. And even if I am wrong about that why would you want to. You would want to compile and edit the code in the environment/OS that the code is meant to run in whenever possible. Linux is a great environment to develop in and in some cases superior to windows.

3. You can do what's called forking with most open source license, maybe all of them. You would have to read the specific license, but usually the only requirement is that you distribute the source code.

Some other input I would suggest if you have an idea for an application you should go ahead and build that application. Don't try to create a linux distribution unless you have a lot of experience on larger software development projects. Start small and grow big.

How to installing modem in Redhat 9 Linux?
Q. Please any body tell me what techniques use to install modem in redhat 9 because i download the drive of the modem also but i can not install in redhat 9 please any body tell me know some commands of installing modem through linux terminal. I am waiting your early reply . Thanks

A. Type of modem and type of driver download make a big difference.

If you have a tar-ball (driver ends in tar.gz or tgz) then you will need to type the following
tar xzvf <driver filename>
cd <dir created if one was >
make install (as root)

and that is very generic and not a whole lot of help with the information you gave

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