Thursday, April 4, 2013

How do I get Ubuntu Linux to detect a windstream modem?

Q. I am hooking up my brothers new computer which has Ubuntu Linux and I need to know how to get it to detect his windstream modem.

A. I suspect that your modem doesn't have any driver for linux. THe Windstream website apparently only has windows drivers, and a search on the linux compatibility list turns up nothing. See the links below.

How do you make a computer running Ubuntu Linux show up on a network of Widows computers?
Q. I set up an old laptop with Ubuntu Linux with the intention of making it a print server. I hooked up a printer to it, and set it to share all printers, yet when I go onto my Windows computers, neither it, nor the printer attached to it, show up. What should I do to make it successfully work as a print server?

A. You need to install Samba server and client. This is the Windows network messaging protocol.

What are the pros and cons of Ubuntu Linux versus Windows 7?
Q. Hello! I was wondering what are the positive attributes along with the negative of Ubuntu Linux, compared to the positive and negative attributes of Windows 7? If you could answer this question, I would highly appreciate it.

A. Overall a Linux based platform can perform most of the tasks equally as well as a proprietary platform using OSS. However Linux does have its limitations particularly in gaming. My advice is to set up a Dual Boot of Windows and Linux.

There are better distros. than Ubuntu available. I thoroughly recommend Linux Mint Debian Edition Its easy to use plus it comes with much of the software you are likely to need preinstalled

Linux Mint Debian Edition Download

How To Dual Boot Linux Mint Debian Edition and Windows 7

You download the ISO. image of Linux Mint Debian Edition then you need to create a Bootable LiveDVD

Linux Mint Debian Edition can also be run straight from the LiveDVD without touching your Hard Drive


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