Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to use linux OS with yahoo chat cleintal?

Q. How can i download messanger or get into a chat room when im using a linux OS?

A. Use Pidgin.

is it legal to download linux from the internet to install on a pc?
Q. Hi,
I was just wondering if it is legal and free to download a linux os onto my computer to burn on to a disc so that i can install it on a computer with no os loaded.
I have heard lots of stuff about linux being free but i just want to make sure.

A. Yes.. linux is a FREE SOURCE OS.. meaning you can download it, alter it, rape it, w/e. there is no law. ENJOY IT !!

How do you remove a Linux OS to install windows?
Q. I purchased a "used" computer from my company and it has a Linux OS on it. I would like to wipe it clean and install windows, but not sure how. Is there an easy way to do this?
I tried starting up with the windows 7 disk, in hopes it would just "over ride" the other, but no luck. The current OS is uBuntu...not sure if that makes a difference or not.

A. If you have a cd/dvd of the operating system you want, just put in on your optical drive
turn on your computer, press F8 or whatever button to change start up drive, change booth drive to your optical drive, save setting, exit and reboot.
Your computer will read your cd/dvd and will prompt you.
It will find your hard drive and ask you if you want to install it on that drive. (default C drive).
If you have a huge hard drive, you can partition your C drive to whatever size you want.
I prefer to assign only 50 Gig for drive C. Once the operating system is installed, I partition the remaining drive and use it as storage drive.
It fill format the drive and install your operating system.
Just follow the instructions of the install prompts.

If you are still having problems, use a separate computer, search for Hiren's boot cd in .iso format. Download and burn on cd/dvd. Just boot the cd in your used computer. It has a lot of partitioning programs you can choose to reformat your hard drive.

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