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Can I switch between Windows 7 and Linux (Ubuntu) whenever I want without deleting any files?

Q. Steam has just come out on Linux today, and on the Steam page, if I read it correctly, I can store Ubuntu on a USB drive and boot up Linux from it. When I don't want to use Linux anymore, I can go back to Windows without any files missing. Is this true? I want to try out Linux to see if I like it for non-gaming purposes, but I'm worried that it will possibly delete files on my computer if I do it incorrectly. Thanks!

A. With Linux, you have 2 options:
1. Run it off the flash drive or CD without installing it.
2. Install it on a different partition so you'll have 2 OS in your computer which you can run one at a time.

If you only boot from the flash drive or CD that contains Linux and run it then you don't lose your Windows and files provided you don't install it on the partition where your Windows and data are located.

Deleting windows partition out of ubuntu?
Q. I installed ubuntu linux today. Which is amazing btw. Well I installled it on a windows 2k machine. Now that im using ubuntu I dont really want windows dual booted with it. bc windows 2k is horrible. is there anyway I can delete the windows partition without reinstalling?

A. I would leave as is for now, Ubuntu 10 is due out within the next month. I don't know what version your ruining at the moment just wait untill version 10 is released then download that, and then install it and use all the hard drive....

if your using Ubuntu 8.4 version 9 is out now. and version 10 will be out some time next month

Whats the difference between Linux and windows hosting? Do i need Linux on my system to linux host?
Q. Whats are the advantages and the disadvantages of Linux hosting? why is it cheaper ? If I make a website in Dreamweaver and Flash CS5, can I Linux host?
Do I need to be wary about something?

A. All websites today currently run on either a Windows web server or a Linux-based server. The vast majority of websites run on a Linux-based platform as Linux has a strong reputation for security and web server performance. With standard (static) HTML-based websites, the web hosting platform doesn't make much difference. When it does make a difference, however, is when the website uses a dynamic scripting technology such as ASP (A Microsoft based technology), or PHP / PERL (Linux based technologies). A Windows-based hosting solution will run a Microsoft Windows server with IIS (Internet Information Server), and is necessary to run an ASP / ASP.NET scripted website. A Linux-based platform is typically used for PHP, Perl, and most other types of websites. Basically, unless your website uses ASP (pages ending in the .asp extention), Windows hosting is not necessary.

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