Thursday, April 4, 2013

What to do after the program code is finished and ready to be distributed?

Q. As an example, I have finished writing a BASIC or Java code in a text editor such as notepad. However, the only way I could run it is by clicking 'run' in the IDE. This way, it is impossible to distribute an app to public. What happens next, and how can I be able to run it without the IDE and distribute it to everyone else? How do I also upload an HTML file so that it is publicly available (as a website)?

A. compile it (build). you want an .exe file. I didn't think it would make you a web site too. I think that's up to you to make. learn html5 or html 4.01 oif 5 is too intimidating.

open source software projects on typically use a wiki now, but you can use html if you want. If this is VB and you don't own the $800+ version of Visual Studio, you can't distribute your software under an Open Source License, with the source, or disclose the source code (Express version). Read the License Agreement / EULA where it says Distribution.

the $800 version isn't so hot either, because you must license it so people run it only on windows OS's.
that means no macs or linux or whatever.

How do I run a exec file and let the batch file carry on?
Q. Or in Linux to run xemacs from the terminal, I would do:
xemacs &

This would launch xemacs and return control to the terminal. I want to do similar in XP's cmd.

Thanks in advance!
"call" doesn't work...
Found the answer. It is e.g.:
start "" notepad.exe

A. It works exactly the same way.

For instance if I put notepad.exe into a line in a batch file, notepad would open and the batch file would be halted until notepad was closed at which time the batch file would resume.

If you want to open a program and then continue the batch without exiting that program, use call.

eg. Call notepad.exe

How would I randomize a VERY LARGE text file?
Q. As the title suggest, I'm looking to randomize a massive text file, in the upwards of 3gb. This goes beyond the processing power of programs such as Notepad++ and also TextPipe Pro. I work with very large lists like this often and have yet to find a solution. Does anyone have suggestions?

A. Not sure what you mean by randomize.
In Linux in Perl etc. you could just allocate a good chunk of swap memory and let it chug away. I
had a LaTeX2HTML process years ago that ran fine in more memory than I had RAM.

Heck, 3Gb isn't that much RAM nowadays so you don't even need that. If you wanted to randomize 3Tb it might take a bit more thought.

If it's something you do often, then maybe it's worth spending a bit of time on. Better algorithms beat faster computers hands-down. We get so lazy nowadays - just buy a new computer instead of tuning programs and doing digital liposuction (removing the fat).

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