Thursday, April 4, 2013

Please suggest me a software that i can install in windows XP inorder to learn LINUX commands?

Q. I want to learn linux commands on windows platform (without the requirement of linux OS). I had a software but i forgot the name, can please help getting that similar kind of functionality.

Thank you all for your kind suggestions and Hints.

A. If you want native solution, then Cygwin is the best. It allows you to configure and install only those applications that you want.

How to save file to desktop using Linux commands.?
Q. I am a beginner to Linux commands. I use SSH to connect to a Linux server. What command can I use to save a text file on the server to my desktop? Example?

A. From your desktop, fire up a terminal, or use Cygwin if you're under Windows (make sure you have installed the openssh packages) :

scp <your_user_name>@<server_name>:<path to remote file> <path to local dir/file>

Enter your password, and you're done :)

How do i connect to the Linux command prompt using JAVA code?
Q. Hmm... not sure if u understand wat i mean....
What i want to know is the codes in JAVA to run the things in Linux command prompt... Like when i run the java prog, i want to be able to connect to the command prompt ... (hope u understand... :P)
Thanks a lot... =)

PS: Any useful links will be really appreciated =)

A. I think I know what your trying to say. You want to run a linux command from the the Java Runtime Environment. This command should work.
Runtime.getRuntime().exec(String command);
There is more info at this link

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