Thursday, April 4, 2013

What Linux distribution can be installed and work properly from a 2-4gb flash drive?

Q. I have an Eee Asus 900 and the libraries for Xandros are old and I can't do as much as I'd like to on there. I'm considering downloading a different Linux OS to a flash drive but I wouldn't know which could work from there without problems.

A. You will want to go with go with;

For 2 GB
SliTaz Linux
Bodhi Linux
Puppy Linux

if you have 4 GB of memory, you could probably get away with installing something like Linux Mint Debian Edition , Jupiter OS , or Aurora OS

I personally like Bodhi Linux when it comes to the eeepc.

Are there any stacker games that play on Linux OS?
Q. My 5 year old's computer runs on Linux OS. Its a Dell computer and can he download any Super Stacker games on it?

A. These seem to all be online flash games. Just install Adobe Flash on the computer (it is probably there already) and load up the page and play the games.

How do I run Windows 7 in parallel on a machine running Linux natively?
Q. I have a machine running Windows 7 right now. I want to run a Linux OS natively and have it run windows in parallel. Can I do this without re-downloading Windows?

A. They cannot run in parallel without getting TERRIBLE performance. You will have Windows and Linux fighting for the same resources, memory, and services and it will be choppy.

They use completely different file systems, meaning different partitions on your hard drive. Therefore, I believe you can only emulate the other OS and not run natively.

Your hard drive would need to have 2 independent read/write heads scanning different portions of your HDD at the same time, and they are not made to do that. They only read one area of a hard drive at any given time, so that means only one operating system at a time, espcially OS's that are so different from each other.

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