Friday, April 5, 2013

How do I use a Linux terminal to send messages?

Q. How do you message other online users on a server without using the mailx system on a UNIX/Linux terminal?

And what command should I use to block/unblock incoming messages?

A. use the wall or write command

mesg y

will allow messages

mesg n

will block messages

How to invoke the Linux Terminal in LINUX when a process becomes unresponsive?
Q. If a process becomes unresponsive in WINDOWS then we press "alt+ctrl+del" to invoke the task manager & then terminate the process.Is there any similar way to invoke the Linux Terminal so that we can end a process by the 'kill' command when it becomes unresponsive?Any help would be gladly accepted.

A. Whether you are in an x-windows session or working at the console command line, an equivalent in Linux would be to select a new virtual terminal using the key sequence CTRL-ALT-F-Key.

For example, from the console, CRTL-ALT-F1 will open virtual tty1, if it has not been disabled by configuration. Once in the screen for the virtual terminal is displayed you can log in with appropriate permissions to use 'ps' to determine the process that you need to kill as you would normally do as indicated in your question. To return to the console use CTRL-ALT-F7.

For completeness, if you are at the command line you could begin a program by running it in the background, so you can do other things during it's execution. If a program that is running, but which is not in the background, is stuck your first step should be to try CTRL-Z, to terminate it. If that fails try a virtual terminal.

As has been suggested, you could also access the system remotely if you have other systems on the network that could be used. Doing so, requires appropriate services, such as 'sshd', be running in advance of the problem. Similarly, you should experiment with the virtual terminal feature in advance of a problem to assure that it has not been disabled and so you can see how it works.


How do I connect to my Linux computer?
Q. I want to be able to use some remote console to connect to my Linux terminal and send commands, what kind of server do I need? Is there a client for Windows?
I downloaded PuTTy but what server do I need? Midnight Commander is just a file manager, I need full access to my terminal.
Ok, I found telnetd. Thanks all !

A. if you just want to access a terminal session then configure SSH and use PuTTY to connect. If you want full control of your Linux desktop, then use VNC (comes in both Server and Client components and is cross platform - so yes, it does support Windows as a client)

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