Friday, April 5, 2013

Can I run Vindictus on linux through steam?

Q. Hello, I use ubuntu and since steam can run on linux i was wondering if i can play Vindictus through steam on my laptop.

A. No, looks like it uses HackSheild, which freaks out in a WINE envirment

Always check in the future for these types of questions.

"What works
Installation. $ winetricks ie6 corefonts for 64 bit users, WINEARCH=win32 is necessary to install ie6. ie8 was tested, but didn't work.

What does not
Starting the game. It crashes on startup due to HackShield."

How can I play steam games on my Mac?
Q. I have Boot Camp with the steam games, but i want to know if i can somehow play them while running OS X. I have the newest version 10.5.7 if that helps anything. I have Parallels and Vmware Fusion but they suck at playing games. Please Help ( If you don't know what steam games are they are just normal PC games that are easier to keep up with.)

A. You probably want to look at CrossOver Games, a WINE-based system that allows you to play Windows games on Linux or Mac computers without purchasing a copy of Windows. COG is around $40.


Another option would be to purchase and install a copy of Windows under Boot Camp, assuming you're running OS X 10.5 ("Leopard") or higher. You'd have to reboot your Mac into Windows. Downsides: You will have to re-partition your hard drive, making room for Windows, and of course, you also have to purchase a copy of Windows. Upsides: Since you're actually running Windows, any game you install/run should operate no differently than if you were playing it on a non-Mac Windows PC.

One more approach would be to try a virtual PC solution such as Parallels or VMWare Fusion. See the websites for these products to see what their capabilities are, and how likely they are to run your games.

With Parallels or VMWare Fusion, you'll need to purchase the application, plus a copy of Windows.

How to get diner dash to play linux?
Q. Have linux on my computer i want to play diner dash... i have tried wine and all that crap currently wine wont open anything so i am very unhappy. i have also tried virtual box i am on linux 10.4 and stupid virtual box will not install windows it gets half way and stops.

A. Try the program PlayOnLinux. if that does not work than I believe you are out of luck. Dont leave Linux though. Because are gaming base with double within the next 3 month. Valve is currently working on steam for linux. This will give us a big library of games.

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