Friday, April 5, 2013

Possible to permanently delete a file from a pen drive in linux, without unmounting?

Q. I deleted a file using 'rm ' . Result: the file disappeared , but no freespace was recovered, so i cldn't add any files to the pen drive , without remounting..

A. my computer > right click it > props > tools > defrag and scan for errors

i think

How can I fully format a pen drive stick?
Q. I downloaded a software called USB secure , this mainly consists in protecting my usb with a password .It requires to be installed on the usb so the program is on the pen drive . I deleted the software from the pc (regular delete from control panel) and formatted my pen drive , it still tells me that I cannot excess it .
Someone with the same experience or that knows the solution please help . Thanks in advance .

A. I am not sure that it will help or not,but try in any linux OS.First try to delete,if that won't possible,then go for formatting.
You can format the pen drive by using DOS also.

1.Open the DOS prompt (Start >> Run >> cmd)
2.Type:FORMAT X: /FS:FAT32 /Q /V:PenDrive

This will reformat the Pen drive, using the FAT32 file system, and label the drive PenDrive.
3. Replace X: with the actual drive letter of your Pen Drive.
4.For more help on this command, type:
at the command prompt.

How to keep my pen drive that I use in Ubuntu safe from Windows viruses?
Q. I use Ubuntu on my computer, but none of my friends do. How do I make sure my pen drive doesn't catch a virus on a Windows PC and transmit it to another Windows PC? Is there any way I can see, on my Ubuntu, if the pen drive has Windows viruses in it?

A. Windows viruses won't recognize the Linux programs, or how to attach to them. Even if they did, Linux would not run the virus, as it will not simply run that Windows code...
With ClamAV, you may be able to scan the pen drive.

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