Friday, April 5, 2013

I use a wireless hotspot for internet. How do I get Linux to connect to this hotspot?

Q. My ISP supports Windows, and the Mac OS, but not Linux.
I know that Chrome book's are Linux basically, but the machine is supported. I want to simply install Linux on a machine I already own, and connect to my hotspot.

A. Hi
He is asking about linux.
"Many ISP wireless will not give this information out to people."
To find your wireless key if not on the router just google "web interface for your router make" ie web interface netgear router
Log on to your router using the default user and password and you will find the information.

"My ISP supports Windows, and the Mac OS, but not Linux."
This means that the ISP will not offer advise on Linux.

As long as linux distro detects your wireless chip in your pc then it will connect when you select the name of your router and supply the security wireless key.

Google for the forum of your Linux Distro for instructions.

What do you download from the chrome store to be able to get java?
Q. I have an Acer Chromebook and i want java for like oovoo and some other apps. I understand you download the Linux java download. But when i download that it says i have to download an app that can open java. What is that app called?

A. Chrome devices have Flash support built-in, but they do not support Java or Silverlight. If you need Java, Silverlight, or other plug-in support, there are virtualization and remoting options you can use for Chrome devices. See the chapter on Remote Access and Virtualization in the Chrome Devices for Education Technical Planning Guide:


What are the benefits of using Google Chrome and what are the benefits of using Internet Explorer 9?
Q. My friend told me to switch over to Google Chrome, which i did. I am a Internet Explorer user and I upgraded Internet Explorer to version 9 and it seems like its the same as Google Chrome. What would be the benefits of the two?
Well internet explorer 9 too shows most visited web sites and is insanely fast lol. I guess one point would be security since internet explorer is a widely used browser.

A. Firefox 4 is even faster than IE and Chrome, over 9 million downloads in two days and it's available for Windows XP, which IE 9 isn't.

Chrome and IE isn't nearly as customizable as Firefox, Firefox has tens of thousands of add-ons, persona, themes etc.

Another great thing is it's available for Windows, OS X and Linux, one can auto-sync so all versions of Firefox are the same across different hardware. :)

Also with Firefox you don't have to worry if Microsoft, Apple or Google is spying on you, the code is open for people to see. (and improve on)

And Firefox with add-on's runs extremely fast on single core computers with 2.3 GHz and a mere 512K of RAM under Linux, so the "memory" issues is because of Windows bloat, PC vendor installed junk and anti-malware, not Firefox.

I use Windows in VM all the time, it always needs more memory than anything else I run. Nearly 2GB, that's with the eye candy turned way down. Just about all new Windows PC's today need their RAM bumped up right from the gate, especially after updating.

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