Friday, April 5, 2013

How do I get windows version of aim to work on Linux wine?

Q. I downloaded the windows version of AIM on Linux through wine, but I can't get it to open up. Any ideas on how to get it to work?

I am using Ubuntu os.
Also, how do I access the command prompt on Linux?

A. Pidgin is Ubuntu's default instant messaging (IM) client. It works for a wide range of protocols, including MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Jabber, IRC, IRQ and Gadu-Gadu.

Here is the Official Ubuntu Pidgin Documentation


Could i use linux for light gaming on old computers?
Q. I like to browse the net and also play such games as DDO and LOTRO. I have really old crappy computers, so i think a lighter os would help. They use mainly XP, but some vista, and maybe a 7, but all windows. Some of them can run the games, and there are ways of playing them on linux (wine), so i see no problem with switching, and i am at least mildly compitent with computers. Any thought to convince/deter me, or any ideas on a specific os (ubuntu, mint...)

A. Yes, but it won't improve performance. Unless the game uses and openGL renderer, expect 1/3-1/2 FPS's under WINE.

There is out there a thing called Tiny XP which is XP minus everything you don't need for most games. Illegal if you just download the .iso and install it, but legal if you use your CD, rip it, modify it with special tools, burn it, and install with your own windows key. Something like that or just a fresh install would give you performance as good as your going to get for windows games.

How to install msn instant messenger onto ubuntu?
Q. I just recently got ubuntu and i am having problems installing and downloading files, Does anyone have any clue how to download MSN messenger on ubuntu? When i try the regular way it says i dont have the right stuff to do it, i have hear about doing it using linux wine. but i dont know how to do that, helP!!!!

A. Hey there!

The problem is, Windows Live Messenger doesn't work proporly in Wine yet, So you have two options.

1) Use Pidgin, It's MSN and it comes with Ubuntu! To get to it go to Applications, Internet, Pidgin Instant Messenger and follow the instructions

2) You can get aMSN, It's more MSN Like and supports Webcam. You can install it by Clicking Applications, Accessories, Terminal and copying and pasting the following in:

gksu apt-get install amsn

Then pressing enter. When you are back at the command line (After all the text has finished flashing up), Close your terminal and go to Applications, Internet, aMSN.

Hope I helped! Ubuntu 4eva!

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