Friday, April 5, 2013

How do I change my minecraft multiplayer map on an ubuntu character based server?

Q. I have a multiplayer minecraft server on linux ubuntu but I want to change the dufault map to another I have installed. How do I do it?

A. I dont know is this will help you or not, but if any of you are looking for premium accounts these people on Youtube are sharing some, I got two working account myself , enjoy! =)

How to make Minecraft run faster on LinuxIUbuntu?
Q. I have the latest version of Minecraft and a Linux Ubuntu computer with 3.7GB of RAM and a 2.4ghz processor. When I had Windows 7 on my same computer everything ran fine but now I'm running at 1-2 fps on tiny with minimal setting. Any ideas what I should do?

A. I get much better performance on linux that Windows. Your problem is probably a video driver problem, or the lack thereof. If you are using a vesa or other generic driver, minecraft will not perform well.

How to add Commands on Minecraft server?
Q. I just made a Minecraft server via linux, can somebody walk me through step by step how to add commands? Also, how to whitelist and black list, also, how to create user groups? Thanks!

A. You need to give a little bit more detail, we need to know if you are using Craftbukkit, or just a regular server, as installing mods that give commands on Craftbukkit servers is WAAY easier, since you just add the jar file into a plugins folder, but on a regular server, each mod's installation varies and it can be complicated.

For white listing, go to the server properties file, then set whitelist to 'true' and then go to the whitelist file and add the usernames of those on the whitlist. A blacklist is not needed as anyone not on the whitelist will not be able to get in, or you can just use the /ban or /banip command that comes as standard.

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