Thursday, April 4, 2013

Are there any linux os that will run on an old laptop with a Linksys wireless card?

Q. I have a few Linux OS i have tried out and none of them worked with a Linksys wifi card. Can a Linksys wireless card work with Linux or is there another OS that will work with it and work on an old computer?
I am running on a very slow and old laptop Pentium 3 with original windows 98 installed on it.

A. Find what model card you have and see if it is supported, ie google ubuntu + card model. It may simply be a matter of installing the appropriate driver from the repository.

An alternative is to install ndiswrapper, if it isn't already installed, and use the .inf file from the XP drivers for the card, which you can download from the manufacturers website.

If the machine doesn't have at least 256 meg of ram then it won't be capable of web surfing.

The lightest full system to use would be puppy. Xpud is also worth a try, it is basically just a browser and a file manager. The best choice for a polished, configurable system would be lubuntu (ubuntu with the lxde desktop).


What Linux os is the best one to install on a computer?
Q. For people wanting to download media files on? And are all Linux os's free or atleast the good ones? Is there any point of me putting linux on my d drive so I can switch back and fourth from windows 7 to Linux?

A. Most Linux distributions aimed at home/office users are free.
There is no "best". This test will help you decide:
As you are probably a new linux user, I would recommend ubuntu or openSUSE. It can install and configure the GRUB loader for you, which is what you need to dual-boot windows and linux, and yes, you should definitely keep your windows installation.

BTW, All distros are able to download media files, most of them able to play them straight away (I would say all, but then there is Arch and Ubuntu Server ;)).

There's really no reason to think of which distro to choose for too much, most are quite similar. The only major differences between distros are the package managing systems and the pre-installed packages. Anotherdifference is, for example, that in Ubuntu, unlike Debian, you can not su root (=login as superuser) by default. (TTheoreticallyyou can make Debian look and behave exactly like Ubuntu with some configuration work, though.)

How do I install Windows on a Linux OS?
Q. I have the linux os and need windows to run a certain application. I've heard there's a way to have both operating systems simultaneously. How do you put windows on? I'd prefer to have both if possible.

A. This link explains how to set up a dual boot (have both linux and windows on the same computer). You will have to reinstall the linux bootloader after installing windows because the windows bootloader does not recognize linux.
Good luck

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