Thursday, April 4, 2013

Any good linux distro for an old Pentium III Computer?

Q. I have an old Pentium III computer with 128mb of RAM in it. What would be a good linux to put in it. I hate DSL and Puppy and I love a lot of ready to use programs. (Ubuntu Alternative maybe like CrunchBang Linux?)

A. I thoroughly recommend taking a look at Linux Mint 6 Felicia Fluxbox Community Edition

System Requirements

x86 processor
128 MB of system memory (RAM)
2 GB of disk space for installation
VGA graphics card capable of 800x600 resolution
CD-ROM drive



On crunchbang Linux everything is incredibly small and I can't see a thing. Is there any fix?
Q. I'm unable to do anything with my crunchbang. Please help.

A. Most solutions require that you are able to see a menu item or open a terminal and type a command since you cannot see ANYTHING the only solution is to reinstall it and be aware of any options for font size and video formats when you do.
Good luck

is it possible to update crunchbang linux whilst running it from usb?
Q. i run my crunchbang from usb (to avoid the bothersome choice everytime i turn on my computer) is there any way for the updates to stick whilst running it from the usb?

A. No. I'm guessing that your distribution is running from an image on the USB. You'd have to update a real installation and create a new Live USB image.

And is the choice more bothersome than not being able to keep your distribution up to date?

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